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Working for REVONEER: lucrative permanent positions or side jobs


Do you have a degree in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science or any other degree in natural sciences or economics or are you studying in this field? Are you committed and would you like to work in a motivated, interdisciplinary team? Are you passionate about technical challenges and are you looking for an exciting job? Is a flexible time division and location-independent work important to you? Then apply today and become a REVONEER!

What it means to be a REVONEER:

  • Work in interdisciplinary teams
  • Active cooperation in diverse and interesting projects
  • Flexible timing and localization
  • Independent work
  • Optional support of voluntary projects

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What we provide you

We offer you the following possibilities to become active at REVONEER. If you have any questions about our areas of activity, qualifications, projects or general information about REVONEER, please make a short appointment via Skype using the link below.

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Free registration

If you are a member of our talent pool, you can apply for projects in the industrial and social sectors. Once you have demonstrated your abilities, you can take more responsibility in follow-up projects.


Job offers

In order to expand our core team, we are looking for motivated and competent colleagues. The corresponding vacancies can be found in our job offers.



We also offer students the opportunity to write their thesis. You can find out which job offers are available in our current vacancies.

Areas of expertise and required qualifications

We are always interested in motivated and dedicated talents for our versatile projects.

Our areas of expertise

Our areas of expertise

Our areas of expertise are mainly located in the field of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science.
However, you can also apply to us in other fields of study of science or economics. Afterwards, we will examine the projects in which you can support us the best.

Required qualifications

Required qualifications

Our qualification requirement is a graduate degree in one of the above mentioned areas of expertise. Since we also like to work with dedicated students, an application is possible from the fifth semester of the Bachelor / Diploma program. Further requirements can be found in corresponding job vacancies.

Our application process

Receive project invitations
First, register with our website and enter your e-mail address. You can already maintain your profile data at this time, such as your contact information, your language or your study and work experience.
Now you can upload your application in the USER area as a PDF file. Pay attention to a clear and structured presentation of your CV.
After we have examined your application, we will invite you to a job interview via Skype. If you are busy at this time of the appointment, you can offer us alternatives.
If you are successful in the job interview, you will be included in our talent pool and released for the entire USER area. From this point on, you can see the available projects at REVONEER.
As a member of our talent pool you will receive project invitations from time to time. You can then accept or reject them. You can also apply for projects independently.
Never mind that a small group of committed people can change the world - in fact, this is the only way the world has ever been changed.
(Margaret Mead)
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