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The revolution of the classical engineering office, Engineering office of the future, development service provider

REVONEER - your innovative engineering service

Your engineering office of the future

For companies

With the assistance of our interdisciplinary and international network of experts we will support you in developing your product idea with an excellent solution for your technical challenges.


For talents

Are you highly motivated and do you want to be a part of our dynamic team? Submit your application now!

Together we can make a difference

Social projects

Support us with social and environmental projects! Being a REVONEER enables you to make the world a better place!

Our aim as a product developer

Our motivation is to revolute the classical engineering office. We as an engineering office of the future define ourselves by using our resources not only for industrial projects but also for social and environmental ones. Through the approach of Remote Engineering project teams work global and virtual by using state-of-the-art communication tools to find solutions for your technical challenges – regardless of place and time. At this we refer to a global and interdisciplinary network of specialists that have extensive expertise in the range of their discipline.

Our principles

Support of social and environmental projects
We use networked organization and documentation tools, online storage services as well as virtual conference rooms for our daily work. Therefore the required data is available in real-time and regardless of the location. As a result we achieve an efficient and uncomplicated collaboration with our clients as well as within REVONEER.
Through the concept of Remote Engineering we promote autonomous work and flexible working hours to our employees. As our talents only work on one project a time they are able to set their whole focus on it. To round off our service the individual work packages are structured and systematically completed by our agile project management. This is how we concentrate on the essential - the quality of the results.
With the help of our global talent pool, we are able to tie together the different professional strengths of the project members. This leads to the best project results possible. Based on the competencies of our employees, we arrange project groups wich are optimally aligned to the requirement of our client.
For our professional work we do not need additional space or office devices. We use existing resources such as the private office or laptop. One of our guiding principles is to follow the ecological aspect by avoiding waste of paper and the everyday commute to work. The aim is to reduce our Carbon Footprint.
In addition to our regular activities in the industrial sector, we are committed to social and environmental projects in cooperation with aid organizations. We want to contribute in safeguarding the basic care of people in need in Europe and other crisis regions. Furthermore we want to help to protect the environment. This business division is driven by voluntarily utilizing our company resources. Companies that place their trust in our concept enable us with every newly placed order to invest part of our resources in charitable projects.

Our core capabilities

Based on our experience in global projects and our international talent pool we are able to set up interdisciplinary teams which are capable to find the best solution for your technical challenges.

Our core competencies are located in following areas:

We are pleased to advise you on your current technical challenges in respective areas. We will also assist you in the event of other inquiries.

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Our core capabilities
Customer reviews
Markus R., Teamleader Development

Markus R., Development Team leader in a worldwide leading company in the sanitary industry

" ... the Revoneer GmbH is an innovative and dynamic service provider in the field of engineering. Using the example of a complex product development, an international team was set up within a very short time ... "

Tobias A., Project manager technical products

Tobias A., Project manager technical products in a worldwide leading company in the sanitary industry

" ... very nice team, projects are processed as desired! I can only recommend them ... "

Carl A., Open Source Ecology Germany e.V.

Carl A., Open Source Ecology Germany e.V.

" ... Revoneer also offers its employees the opportunity to get engaged and use their expertise in social or environmental projects individually or as a team, thereby gaining more experience and doing something for the common welfare of the environment and people ... "

Phillip S., Occupational therapist, MFZ GmbH

Phillip S., Occupational therapist, MFZ GmbH

" … the company Revoneer GmbH has worked out wonderful solutions according to our requirements and realized them with a lot of hard work . Our employees with physical limitations benefit greatly from this … "

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