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Support social and environmental protection projects with the engineering service provider REVONEER

We support social projects

By commissioning new industrial projects, you as a company support REVONEER in the voluntary commitment to ecological, humanitarian and cultural projects. Thereby we are able to provide our company resources also to these areas in order to make a difference in the world. You are welcome to contact us for possible collaborations or to give us your suggestions. As a possible cooperation partner, you are welcome to make a first non-binding appointment via Teams under the following link.

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Volunteering as engineer

Do you have a degree in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, informatics or similar, or are you a student in one of those fields? Do you want to volunteer or become active in environmental protection, but you are too short of money to support charities with donations, or do you refuse the purely financial support? Do you want to be sure that your help is received where you want it to be?

Then REVONEER is your place to be. Support our social projects or environmental protection activities through your work. We offer you the opportunity to get involved digitally by working with us remotely on voluntary engineering projects. This is how you can help us make the world a little better.

What we offer you as a volunteer in social projects:

  • Motivated and interdisciplinary teams
  • Collaborate in exciting charity projects
  • Flexible working hours
  • Location independent work
  • The opportunity to do good with small deeds

Registration talent-pool

Engineering service provider REVONEER supports humanitarian, cultural and ecological projects by mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and informatics development services

Procedure of a project at REVONEER

Work performance instead of donation
In our pool for voluntary projects, we offer our talents the cooperation in several aid projects. If you are interested in one or more of the projects, we are looking forward to your application. Your are not a member of our pool yet? Simply register as talent!
The project teams for ecological, humanitarian and cultural projects are formed interdisciplinary. The team consists of members with all relevant abilities, skills and knowledge to implement the project as best as possible.
REVONEER provides the volunteer project teams with the necessary resources, such as communication and documentation tools for the project work.
Through the Remote Engineering concept of REVONEER, it is also possible to work in a location-independent manner for the processing of social and environmental projects in most cases. Through our communication tools all team members are always connected.
For REVONEER's social and environmental protection projects the engagement of the team members counts instead of donations.

Examples of REVONEER projects

Munich's excellent companies

The engagement award
With the coveted engagement award “Munich's excellent companies”, the state capital of Munich annually honors companies that have made a particularly exemplary contribution to the welfare of Munich residents.

Nominated, category "medium-sized companies"

Nominated, category "medium-sized companies" - 3rd place

Our cooperation partner

Our cooperation partner
Our cooperation partner
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