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Version 2021/05/07

The protection of personal data has a high priority for REVONEER. This applies to any data exchange between the REVONEER GmbH (hereinafter referred to as REVONEER) and USERS, NEWSLETTER users, and COOPERATION PARTNERS.
In principle, it is possible to use the website of REVONEER (www.revoneer.com) without any input of personal data. However, if a person concerned wants to use a special service of the REVONEER GmbH it may be necessary to process personal data. If there is a necessity to process personal data and there is no legal basis relating to the processing, we ask the person concerned for the permission to use the personal data.

This data protection regulation serves to inform the public about the type, scope and purpose of the personal data collected by REVONEER, their use as well as the processing data. In addition, affected persons are informed about their rights.
We do not use collected data beyond the internal use without an explicit agreement according to the following regulations.
These data protection regulations describe the type, scope and purpose of the collection, use, transfer, storage and the protection of your personal data.
If you have any questions, suggestions or comments on the privacy policy of REVONEER, please contact info@revoneer.com by e-mail.
Name and address of the responsible for the processing in the context of the general data protection regulation and other data protection regulations in the member states of the European Union:
Boschetsrieder Straße 69
81379 Munich
Website: www.revoneer.com
Email: info@revoneer.com
Contact: Dominik Blendl, Managing Director

General information

The validity of these data protection provisions includes the use of the services offered on the websites www.revoneer.de, www.revoneer.com and www.revoneer.eu.
REVONEER operates in accordance with statutory provisions in all processes relating to data processing, for example collection, processing and transmission of data.
The processing of personal data includes e.g. the name and e-mail address, or telephone number of a person affected by these regulations.
The data necessary for the business processes are stored as part of the acquisition and processing of PROJECTS. The following data protection regulations apply.

Within the scope of the registration and project processing, USERS will provide REVONEER with personal data, consisting of contact data and other personal data. When signing up for the NEWSLETTER, prospective customers share their contact details, consisting of their name and e-mail address according to the input mask.

COOPERATION PARTNERS provide REVONEER with their contact details as well as company-internal, project-specific information as part of the acquisition and processing of projects as well as for further communication. These are subject to data protection and are treated confidentially within the framework of confidentiality.

REVONEER undertakes not to disclose any personal data of USERS (including former USERS), e-mail addresses and names of NEWSLETTER prospective customers or contact details, as well as any other internal data of KOOPERATIONPARTNERN to third parties, unless written consent is given by the respective USER , NEWSLETTER, or COOPERATION PARTNERS.

An exception to the transfer of data is the collaboration of PROJECT MEMBERS and COOPERATION PARTNERS. Within the scope of this cooperation, the persons involved in the respective project can exchange contact data and other selected personal data.

Details on the data protection are described below and additionally in the general terms and conditions see § 5 (transmission of pictorial rights). The data protection clarifications are valid and obligatory together with the GTC.
The data protection declaration of REVONEER is based on the usual terms used by the European guidelines and regulations legislator when enacting the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Used terms according to article 4 of the GDPR are amongst others: personal data, person affected, processing, profiling, responsible person or person responsible for the processing, third party, agreement.

Privacy Policy

1. The use of the website of REVONEER is possible without registration. When there is a use of general data of persons affected by opening the website of REVONEER, no conclusions are made about the person affected. Only Google Analytics collects data as declared below. The use of the platform with the possibilities for project processing is however only possible with a registration and indication of contact data and personal data according to the input mask. The registration is voluntary.

2. The name, the e-mail address and the salutation (Mr. / Mrs.) are understood under contact data (as well as a freely selected password when registering as a USER), for KOOPERATIONPARTNER the company and the corresponding position / Role description. Further personal data are information about the identity of the person, such as the address, date of birth, telephone number and information on the CV. Likewise, corresponding contact data may be provided on profiles for social networks, e.g. Xing or Skype.

3. REVONEER may collect, process, utilize and store the data communicated by the USER as well as all data relating to the processing of the order for REVONEER only for the internal use and in accordance with legal requirements in such a way that the processing of the order and the execution of the contract can proceed smoothly. The authorization to use the data also applies to the business purpose of REVONEER. If data, e.g. the contact details for a cooperation partner, are passed on while processing an order, this cooperation partner is allowed to use these data only internal and for the purpose of the project management.

4. REVONEER may process and use the user's data internally in such a way that USERS may be recommended to use appropriate PROJECTS to their specifications.

5. Free-of-charge consultants and EMPLOYEES receive a correspondingly defined remuneration for the provision of services. The specified account data are strictly subject to data protection. The data must always be kept up to date by the USER.

6. The contact details provided by the USER must be kept up to date by the USER and REVONEER should be notified of any changes. The USER grants REVONEER permission to contact him in writing and by phone, using the contact details provided.

7. In the course of working on a PROJECT, the user agrees to accepting the invitation to a PROJECT or the application for a PROJECT, that REVONEER assigns to his COOPERATION PARTNERS the contact information, consisting of the name and the e-mail address given by REVONEER. Surname@revoneer.com. This transmission of contact data serves merely for the exchange of the parties. REVONEER waives the transmission of the aforementioned contact data if the user explicitly submits a written objection before accepting the invitation to a PROJECT or application to a PROJECT.

8. As part of the project accreditation, REVONEER can exchange anonymized profiles with COOPERATION PARTNERS. These anonymous user profiles are used without names or other personal data, as well as contact information, that is, no information about the identity of users is transmitted. The anonymous profiles are assigned to the USER profile only with the express consent of the USERS. If there is an advantage for the USER through this allocation, REVONEER reserves the right to be paid for the transfer of the data.

9. When a valid contractual relationship is concluded with a COOPERATION PARTNER (COMPANY / CUSTOMERS, etc.), REVONEER is granted the permission to use the contact data of the corresponding co-operation partner for the project processing. This only includes the transfer of data to REVONEER's REFUGEAR REPORTS or EMPLOYEES, which are assigned to the corresponding PROJECT or are active in the administrative areas of REVONEER.

10. COOPERATION PARTNERS may be asked by REVONEER whether the cooperation may be mentioned on the REVONEER website. This includes the naming of the COOPERATION PARTNER with the corresponding company logo. In some cases, COOPERATION PARTNERS may also be asked to allow REVONEER's selected PROJECTS to be used for promotional purposes with a brief description. COOPERATION PARTNERS have the right to refuse the publication of the data as well as the naming of the cooperation. It may also be explicitly requested by the COOPERATION PARTNERS to mention the cooperation for advertising purposes. In this case, REVONEER reserves the right to refuse this or to allow it only for a limited period of time. If these data are deleted from the REVONEER website, REVONEER is not obliged to inform the COOPERATION PARTNERS.

11. Verbal ancillary agreements do not exist. Changes to these data protection regulations require written form.

12. REVONEER GmbH reserves the right to change these data protection regulations at any time. In the case of a change, the data protection regulations will be sent to all USERS (except former USERS) by e-mail no later than 14 days before the entry into force. The amended provisions are deemed to be accepted if they are not objected in writing within 14 days after receipt of the e-mail, which contains the amended data protection regulations. Upon notification of the amended provisions, REVONEER does not undertake to explicitly point out the opposition period and the consequences of non-observance of a contradiction.

13. REVONEER takes relevant technical and a safety organizational measures to ensure the protection of data. A complete protection of the data before access by third parties can not be guaranteed because of potential security gaps with the internet-based data transfer. An intentional transfer of data is not done. REVONEER points out that in data transmission, e.g. E-mail security gaps can occur. Therefore, affected persons are free to transfer data on other ways, e.g. by phone.

14. The online presence of REVONEER includes links to external websites. REVONEER has no influence on the fact that the operators of the external Internet sites comply with data protection regulations. The data protection provisions of these pages are to be considered separately.

15. The person responsible for the processing gives information about the storage of personal data of the person affected and deletes the personal data if requested or leaves a reference for the internal processing if e.g. the transfer within the project process is not wanted.

16. REVONEER informs NEWSLETTER users at regular intervals about current information and offers of the company in the format of a NEWSLETTER. Also registered USERS have access to the NEWSLETTER. If this is not wanted, REVONEER must get informed about it. It is always possible to unsubscribe by sending an informal e-mail to info@revoneer.com. Receiving the NEWSLETTER is only possible when entering a valid e-mail address and after subscribing for the NEWSLETTER via a double-opt-in-process or when signing in as a USER via a double-opt-in-process as well. USERS are informed about the access to the NEWSLETTERS within the authorization. The for the sending of the NEWSLETTER processed data are only used for this purpose of sending the NEWSLETTER. The data are not transferred to a third party.

17. Based on legal regulations the website of REVONEER enables to provide data for the fast electronic contact and direct communication options. This includes a contact form as well as providing a phone number, address and an address for electronic post (e-mail address). If a person affected gets in contact via e-mail or the contact form, the voluntary entered personal data are stored and processed for the purpose of processing the contacting. There is no data transfer to third parties or further processing of the data. We use third-party software as a CRM system to collect personal data.

18. The processing and storage of the data of persons affected by the responsible person happens for the period of time necessary to fulfill the purpose of the storage and if this conforms to the guideline of the European guidelines and regulations legislator. Afterwards, the data are blocked or deleted routinely according to the legal regulations. Legal basis for the processing are article 5 and 6 of the GDPR.

19. Rights of persons affected are protected according to the GDPR, especially the right of confirmation of data processing, the right of receiving information, the right of deletion or correction, the right of limitation of processing, the right of data portability as well as the right of contradiction.

20. Personal data are processed and stored for the purpose of completion of application processes. This can take place online, e.g. when application documents or information are transmitted electronically, via e-mail or web form on the website. If a sort of employment or the entry of a consultant into the so-called talent pool originates, the transferred data are stored considering the legal restrictions. After the end of an employment or after the request of a consultant to delete the account, data are deleted latest two months after if a deletion is not confronted with other legitimate interests, e.g. duty of proof in a process according to the general equal treatment act (AGG).

21. REVONEER informs that the provision of personal data is partly prescribed by law, e.g. in terms of tax regulations or it results from contractual regulations if it is necessary to provide information about contract partners. To conclude a contract, it may be necessary that a person affected provides personal data for REVONEER which must be processed afterwards, e.g. when concluding a contract. Not providing personal data can result in preventing the completion of a contract. If there are questions, REVONEER can give advice in individual cases upon request.

22. There is no automated decision making or profiling done by REVONEER.

Use of cookies

1. REVONEER uses so-called cookies. These serve to make the use of the website individual and to provide additional functions.

2. In the classic case, cookies are small text files that are stored in the browser's memory or temporarily in the computer's memory or stored on the hard disk.

3. On the website of REVONEER, cookies enable the recognition of a particular browser or terminal. This enables REVONEER to log on to the website more quickly and to improve the performance of the offered services.

4. Most internet browsers are set to accept cookies automatically by default. USERS may at any time block, delete or disable cookies by setting their Internet browser. Information about this can be obtained from the help function of the browser used by the user. Cookies can also be deleted at any time in the system used (f.e. in Windows Internet Explorer).

Google Analytics integration

1. The REVONEER online platform uses the Google Analytics internet analysis service provided by Google Inc. USA (hereinafter referred to as Google). This is used to collect and store non-personal data for marketing and optimization purposes.

2. Google Analytics also uses cookies, which are stored as text files in the browser's memory and / or on the user's computer. USERS have the option at all times to influence the use of cookies by setting their Internet browser. The information generated by Google Analytics through the use of the website is generally transferred to a Google server in the USA and stored there.

3. The collection of data by Google Analytics is not intended to personally identify USERS or to store personal data. The IP address provided by the user's browser during the use of Google Analytics will not be merged with other Google data.

4. If IP anonymization is enabled on this website, the IP address of USERS shall be shortened by Google within the Member States of the European Union or by other States Parties to the Agreement on the European Economic Area. Only in exceptional cases will the full IP address be transferred to Google's server in the US and subsequently shortened. This information is used by Google on behalf of REVONEER to evaluate the use of the website and to provide an analysis of the activity on the REVONEER website.

5. USERS also have the option to prevent the collection of data relating to the use of the REVONEER website and the processing of this data by Google by using the link provided at https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=en Download and install the available browser plugin.

6. Refer to http://www.google.com/analytics/terms/en.html or http://www.google.com/intl/en/analytics/privacyoverview.html for more information on terms of use and privacy.

In order to provide a better user experience, we use cookies. By using the REVONEER website, you agree to our use of cookies. Privacy policy OK