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REVONEER - current reports

Keep up to date! Here We report on current topics and news from our company.

Victoria and Dominik Blendl

The reasons for founding REVONEER

May | 2021
Interview with Victoria Blendl
REVONEER was founded in 2018. If you search for ´engineering services munich´ REVONEER is under the top 3 results.
But how did it come about?

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April | 2021
GADGETTO - Gadgets that make your everyday life easier!
The GADGETTO Products GmbH with its headquarter in Munich was founded in September 2020. The main focus is on the development and distribution of helpful gadgets that make your everyday life easier especially with babies and toddlers. GADGETTO also stands for sustainability. As a young company, we are committed to the economic and ecological obligations future generations consciously and act in a resource-saving and future-oriented manner.

Our team consists of eight employees, which work on new and innovative products, that make your everyday life easier. The tinkering, testing and the implementation of innovative and needs-based ideas inspire us every day.

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Blog GADGETTO Products

The sustainability code 2020

March | 2021
With the sustainability Code Signatory 2020, we are working on the topic of sustainability in our company right from the start and, based on this, also examine the demands we have placed on ourselves in terms of sustainability and the contribution to social benefit. To comply with the Sustainability Code, REVONEER has commented on twenty DNK criteria and the supplementary non-financial performance indicators.
With REVONEER, we basically pursue the goal of being a role model for the branch as well as across industries by showing that economic goals can go hand in hand with social benefits and the promotion of sustainability - because: what use is profit if society and the environment be ignored.

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Remote Engineering

March | 2021
How online work has been part of our corporate culture since it was founded.
The basis of online work is implementation by the user. The digital remote processing of tasks in the engineering sector is known as remote engineering and requires framework conditions for managing complex engineering activities, detached from the physical cooperation of the team.

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Remote Engineering
team india

REVONEER India - our partner

Febuary | 2021
For a variety of support options.
REVONEER offers an efficient coordination in the areas of construction and simulation together with our partner REVONEER Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., founded in June 2019 from the former AITHcrew from India. The close cooperation and the mutual support enables to profit from synergies and from experiences in various sectors and specialist areas. Together with REVONEER India, it is possible to offer a broad range of services with a high flexibility and high quality results for our customers.

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Holistic documentation

Febuary | 2021
Why documentation is a quality feature.
“The result speaks for itself”, “that is no value contribution to the operating result”, “no time to type that now”, “I don't have to write that down, I have it in my head”, “I have to provide the receipt also generate “, ... the list of excuses not to document or not to make the documented available transparently are varied. But with the megatrend of digitization and the increasing discussion of BIG DATA, SMART DATA and CLOUD COMPUTING, holistic project documentation is also on the stakeholders' list of requirements. Transparent and well-prepared documentation becomes a quality feature, because the pure result is no longer the only thing that speaks for itself. But why?

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ganzheitl. Doku
Social Projects

Social Projects - "Mobile transport carriage for photographic equipment"

March | 2020
We are pleased to inform you that the cooperation between MFZ Giesing and REVONEER is going into the next round. From March 2020 the project "Mobile transport carriage for photographic equipment"
will start. The aim of this voluntary project is to design a mobile table which can be permanently used for the photo equipment of the non-profit institution. In the future, this equipment trolley will be used for the safe transport of the photo equipment inside the premises as well as outside and will facilitate the assembly and disassembly of the photo studio. It is particularly important that the use is ergonomically designed to prevent motor impairments of the MFZ project participants.
For the project "Mobile transport carriage for photographic equipment" as well as for all our social projects we are looking for supporters and volunteers who would like to change and above all improve our society in a sustainable way. Sign up and become part of the REVONEER Social-Project-Team!

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Collaboration with Segway-Ninebot

December | 2019
REVONEER Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd. announces collaboration with Segway-Ninebot. The world’s leading provider of electric passenger transporters exclusively commissions REVONEER Technologies as development partner for the market launch of its new electric scooter in India. The company mission is to simplify the movement for people and goods, as succinctly stated in the company’s long-time motto “Simply Moving”. REVONEER Technologies has set itself the task to identify a suitable contract manufacturer in India. In addition, the company will accompany Segway-Ninebot during the entire market launch process and support in product development and management.

Collaboration with Segway-Ninebot
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